Movies So Bad That Even Torrent Ignored

In Bollywood, we have the movies in the following order:

  • Amazing
  • Good
  • Ok
  • Bad
  • Very bad
  • Very very bad
  • So bad that even Torrent doesn’t have the download links.

Yes, there are some movies that are so bad (yea, even if I say this 1000 times, it won’t be enough) that you will not find their download links on Torrent. We listed down such movies, and looking at the posters and the story and the acting, I am not surprised that even Torrent decided to ignore it!

1. Aaj Ka Ravan

So, this is the plot: A journalist is killed. Her another journalist friend decides to take revenge. She gets molested and the hero comes to the rescue and becomes her “Muh- Bola” bhai. Need I say anything more?


2. Ab Ke Baras:

Not that we had any less movies on ‘Punar Janam’, in the year 2000 Raj Kanwar gave us this gem of a movie – Ab Ke Baras. This movie launched the hot Amrita Rao and Arya Babbar. Yea with the acting skills of Arya Babbar and a really pathetic storyline, Torrent you are doing a good job!


3. Naaraaz:

Wealthy Ajay Pandit. Poor Deva. Money intervenes. Friendship breaks. Friends again. Movie over. Torrent is not interested.


4. Ikke pe Ikka:

The father threatens to sabotage his unemployed and day dreaming sons love story by marrying the mother of his son’s lovers… Yes it is that bizarre!!


5. Salma Pe Dil Aagaya:

If Ayub Khan thought doing a similar movie like Salman Khans Sanam Bewafa would lead him to the same success, he was highly mistaken…Torrent would rather have Salman khans flop movies.


6. Dhaal:

So complicated and intertwined that even we got lost..! So torrent saved our souls.


7. Gentleman:

There is nothing gentle about this. Govinda turns all Robin Hood with the police on his tail. So basically good intention with bad action, results in heroine marrying the hero!


8. Brahma:

The script was the hero of this film but then the director casted Govinda in it. So we mention it here and torrent does not mention it anywhere!


9. Anokha Andaaz:

Nobody has even cared to share the story, summary nothing, so you can be the first and may be after reading that torrent might get interested.


10. Kasak:

Why did the script writers kill the heroes in the 90’s, having the damsel in distress? Leaving life and divorce (Yes! of Course she got married again) decisions on her weak shoulders. Even Torrent can’t handle so many tears.

Kasak Movie PosterSource

11. Ghar ki Izzat:

The kind of Family Drama that the Indian television is filled with. Women wanting power of the four walls that they live in and eventually distorting the happy family that once lived in those four walls.


12. Prem Shakti:

Crazy Tantrik desperate to live forever, like that will be of any help to the human race? Lead actress turned into a mannequin, hero after dying in a surprise twist, is reborn to our surprise. This cliché was not enough that he falls in love with the mannequin, which comes to life only in his private audience. Tantrik comes back into the picture to make his special cocktail making the end real exciting..!!! Torrent knows it’s gonna live forever and doesn’t need this cocktail.


13. Zulm Ki Hukumat:

The story of 3 brothers out which 2 are shot down and sister is taken in hostage by a notorious and famous don! So the youngest of the three (because, you know khandan ki izzat) is responsible for saving his ass from the don as well as continuing the family name.


14. Love At Times Square:

Dev Anand in his many attempts to salvage his career, tried to launch new comers, even got Salman Khan to do a special appearance for a song, but destiny had something else in mind and so did torrent.

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