Must Watch Film: Once Upon a Time in Bihar


This story is based on real incidents set in the year 2003 – 2004 in the ravenous terrains of Buxar District of Bihar. It revolves around Rajiv Kumar, an IAS aspirant; Sankar Pandey, a young, harassed graduate; Jeans, a dreamy, folk singer who believes his fate awaits him in Mumbai and the revolution led by political leaders in Mumbai against Bihari migrants. It displays the struggle of the three protagonists’ and how the atrocities of their lives force them to act against their true beliefs and values. A movie that is set out to change your ideas about the system and will leave you retrospecting about any action of yours; political or social.



  • Ashish Vidyarthi as Madan Sharma
  • Kranti Prakash Jha as Rajiv Kumar
  • Ajay Kumar as Jeans
  • Arti Puri as Seema
  • Pankaj Jha as Bisnu
  • Deepak Singh as Sankar Pandey



A girl from the capital of Bihar, trying to understand the past underdevelopment of Bihar and exploring the ways to improve the status of the State