Not-to-Read post on Caste System

“You can take an Indian out of the caste system, but you cannot take the caste system out of an Indian.”

1. Jai Bharat  and their thoughts

2. The Scientist of the Caste System


3. The story of leaders who are making India Equal

4.  The Pandits of our society

5. The face of Party 🙂

6. Khap Panchayat in 2050

7. The Best of all: Million Dollar Question

My method is atheism. I find the atheistic outlook provides a favourable background for cosmopolitan practices. Acceptance of atheism at once pulls down caste and religious barriers between man and man. There is no longer a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian. All are human beings. Further, the atheistic outlook puts man on his legs. There is neither divine will nor fate to control his actions. The release of free will awakens Harijans [lowest caste] and the depressed classes from the stupor of inferiority into which they were pressed all these ages when they were made to believe that they were fated to be untouchables. So I find the atheistic outlook helpful for my work [helping people]. After all it is man that created god to make society moral and to silence restless inquisitiveness about the how and why of natural phenomena. Of course god was useful though a falsehood. But like all falsehoods, belief in god also gave rise to many evils in course of time and today it is not only useless but harmful to human progress. So I take to the propagation of atheism as an aid to my work. The results justify my choice.”

― Goparaju Ramachandra Rao, An Atheist with Gandhi

Not from Bihar, heard a lot about the state. Always interested in exploring the art culture and politics of the state. So here I am, writing and doing PR for
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