Recipe: Bel ka Sherbat, the Energy Drink from Bihar

Bel (Wood apple) ka sherbat is another energy drink which originates from Bihar. It is an easy to make drink which is most popular during summers as it keeps heatstroke, indigestion at bay. It is made by extracting the pulp of Bel and soaking it in water. It is then mashed and sieved, mixed with sugar and jeera powder. It’s then chilled and served.

Ingredients for Bel ka Sharbat

  • Wood apple – 2
  • Sugar – 4 big table spoon


  • Cumin powder (Bhuna Jeera)
  • Salt – 1/4 spoon

How to Prepare Bel ka Sharbat – Wood Apple Squash

Wash wood apples and cut them and take out its pulp. Take a pulp of wood apple and water doubled than pulp in the utensil. Mash them and make it it in the water. Sieve this mashed pulp in the heavy strainer and take out of juice by pressing it with the help of spoon.


Add sugar in the juice and when it mixed in the juice properly then mix cold water or ice cubes in it. You can mix salt and cumin (Jeera) power as per yur requirement. You can make 4-5 glasses of wood apple squash from 1 kg wood apples.

Your wood apple squash is ready for drink.

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