Royal Enfield, It’s the ‘shaan’ of Bihari

There are bikes like Harley Davidson, Yamaha, and Hero Honda and then there is Royal Enfield. It’s not just a bike; it screams addiction and passion for Bihari riders. Thus, we list out 10 reasons why riding a Royal Enfield is the most thrilling experience for life.

1. Owning a Royal Enfield is not a necessity but a symbol of pride.

reasonswhyyouloveroyalenfield1_1429614276© Facebook/Royal Enfield

2. You can see curious faces turning towards you when you are riding a Royal Enfield.

reasonswhyyouloveroyalenfield2_1429614313© Facebook/Royal Enfield

3. It becomes a part of your life and you take care of it like your family.

reasonswhyyouloveroyalenfield3_1429614329© Facebook/Royal Enfield

4. Once you accelerate the bike, you can feel the thrill and excitement.

reasonswhyyouloveroyalenfield4a_1429614976© Facebook/Royal Enfield


5. Girls love bikers and particularly the one riding Royal Enfield.

reasonswhyyouloveroyalenfield6_1429614374© Facebook/Royal Enfield

6. It’s easy to get your Royal Enfield customised and charm everyone else all the more.

reasonswhyyouloveroyalenfield9_1429614419© Facebook/Royal Enfield

7. And the tagline of the Royal Enfield Bullet “Jab Bullet Chale toh Duniya Rasta De” is so true. Bullet is not just an eye-catcher but everyone makes the way for it. You don’t even need to honk.

reasonswhyyouloveroyalenfield10_1429614436© Facebook/Royal Enfield

Photo: © Facebook/Royal Enfield  (Main Image)