Rs 100 note found taped inside answer sheet in Bihar

A month after video showing people scaling three to four storey exam centres to pass on chits to their wards takes a hit at Bihar’s image globally, another shocking video shows the pathetic condition of education in the state.

A report by NDTV from one the exam paper checking centres shows more shocking images of the state of education in Bihar.

When a Maths evaluator was asked about Pythagoras, the Greek Mathematician credited with the theorem, he gave a grim look. Another teacher failed to spell Mathematics. English teacher, Tamanna Ali, who is evaluating the English paper did not know the spelling of Shakespeare. A 100 rupees note was also found in one the answer sheets, which tells how children pass their exams.

At a school in Saharsa district, Tamanna Ali is evaluating English answer papers. Asked to spell ‘Shakespeare’, this is what he came up with: “S-h-a-k-s-p-e-a-r.”

NDTV tried another examiner who also failed a pop quiz.

The teacher evaluating math papers was asked to explain the relevance of Pythagoras, the Greek Mathematician credited with the theorem taught to children in Class 9. His response was a puzzled look. Asked to spell ‘Mathematics,’ he replied: “M-a-t-h-m-a-t-e-s.”

Another examiner found a 100-rupee note diligently taped to an answer sheet, perhaps by a student who thought the money would buy him passing marks.

The man in charge of the state’s examination board said he is “by and large” fine with the system.

“There can always be improvements but by and large I am satisfied with the evaluation,” said Lalkeshwar Prasad Singh, the chairman of the Bihar State Examination Board. He added that he had been touring the state to ensure fairness and competence.

Earlier this year, a court ordered the sacking of nearly 3,000 primary school teachers who had failed to clear competency tests twice. The teachers had been tested for English, Math, Hindi and General Knowledge up to the Class 5 level.

Some 1,700 examinees and 38 students were expelled, and 132 parents were arrested last month after online footage of blatant cheating at exam centres went viral and even made it to foreign newspapers.

“Should we shoot them?” asked state education minister Prashant Kumar Shahi, summing up his government’s helplessness in controlling a problem that has dogged Bihar’s schools for decades.

Ritesh Singh
बिहार में जन्म हुआ और फिर भगवान ने बिहारी बनाया। तब से आज तक कुछ कुछ प्रयत्न कर रहे है कामयाब होने की।
गलती से IIT से B.Tech पास करने के बाद, AaoBihar पर लेख लिखना और पढ़ना शौक बन गया है।



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