Salute to Great Teachers from Bihar

Even the present situations of Bihar board is not going through the best of it’s time and 8,884 teachers (over 8%)  failed in passing V standard exam, we in Bihar have great legendary teachers who changed the world of education and society with their Charisma.

Here we will the Heroes of Education sector from Bihar:



Aryabhata was the first of the major mathematician-astronomers from the classical age of Indian mathematics and Indian astronomy.

2. Chandeshwar Prasad Narayan Singh

Chandeshwar Prasad Narayan Singh

Sir Chandeshwar Prasad Narayan Singh,  (1901 – 1993) was a freedom fighter, diplomat and administrator. In 1945, he was appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of the new Patna University. His contribution to development of a post-graduate course in the university was acclaimed by all.

3. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

Not Directly but with his poetry he teach the world. One instance, He wrote ten poems based on this Satyagraha which was published in a book form under the title Vijay-Sandesh (Message of Victory). This composition is now available. Right in front of Patna College, the office of “Yuvak” functioned. To escape the wrath of the government, Dinkar got his poems published under the pseudonym “Amitabh”. On 14 September 1928, a poem of his, on the martyrdom of Jatin Das, was published.

4. Phanishwar Nath ‘Renu’

Phanishwar Nath

He was one of the most successful and influential writers of modern Hindi literature in the post-Premchand era. He is the author of Maila Anchal, which after Premchand’s Godaan, is regarded as the most significant Hindi novel.

His first novel which is also considered his masterpiece, Maila Anchal (The Soiled Linen, 1954), was a social novel that depicted the life of rural Bihar and its people, especially the backward and the deprived. He was subsequently awarded one of India’s highest civilian honours, the Padma Sri in 1970. He returned the Padma Sriin protest of the proclamation of Internal Emergency.

5. Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar Super 30 Patna_0

The living legend, his vision in his words,

“I want to increase the number of students in Super 30, but it is really difficult task because we are unable find more students who want to continue there education despite facing poverty. Most students with extremely poor background, start to support their parents by earning money from a young age.

So I want to open a school from Class 6th, free like Super 30. In the school we will train the students not only for IIT JEE but also for International Mathematical Olympiad, International Physics Olympiad. I want to see my students as Nobel Prize Winners.”

Request to the readers: Please share the more names if you know any.

Thank you and Happy Teacher’s Day.

Krishna Kumar
The state of Bihar has given a lot to the history of humanity but in recent past we had given child labour, women harresment, theft, murder and corruption. I am here to raise the voice.!