Still Centuries Behind

The National Human Rights Commission recently ensured that 101 people from 38 different families were rescued from bonded labor in Madhubani district. All the victims belonged to scheduled castes, thus bringing to light the caste distinction still blatantly present in the state.

Receiving just 2 KGs of rice per day, the laborers were paid well below the minimum wage as per law. They also did not have the freedom to move out and look for job opportunities elsewhere.

While the first step of rescuing them s commendable, what needs to follow up is strict action against the perpetrators of this crime. As of now, two criminal cases have been registered against 18 errant employers in the matter at Police Station Arer and efforts are being made to recover past wages from the employers.

Hope the case can reach a proper closure soon with proper employment and education opportunities for the families of the victims.



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