Ten cartoons by Aseem Trivedi explain the importance of net neutrality

With just two days to go before Trai’s deadline for comments by public on net neutrality ends, several creative minds are at work to spread the word to the masses. Aseem Trivedi, cartoonist and free speech activist has now come up with 10 cartoons on net neutrality and they are certainly worth a look.

Protesting against rules trying to redefine the Internet, a website called www.savetheinternet.in has been set up where anyone can send a mail directly to Trai, expressing their reluctance and discomfort about how telecom carriers are snatching away free Internet from them.  Those part of India’s startup ecosystem can also sign this letter asking PM Modi to preserve the open, competitive internet by enforcing net neutrality.

Here are 10 cartoons that cut through the jargon and explain the need for net neutrality in India.

01_Cartoons-on-Net-Neutrality 02_Cartoons-on-Net-Neutrality 03_Cartoons-on-Net-Neutrality 04_Cartoons-on-Net-Neutrality

05_Cartoons-on-Net-Neutrality 06_Cartoons-on-Net-Neutrality 07_Cartoons-on-Net-Neutrality 08_Cartoons-on-Net-Neutrality-624x35110_Cartoons-on-Net-Neutrality

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