The life of people through folklores

There are trends followed in Bihar to show the inner emotions in form of folklores. Especially women practice this in almost every occasion and festival. Some the Geet used in popular cinema are listed as following, feel the pain of the people

1. Kaun Si Nagariya, Chaarfutiya Chhokare, Lyrics by Bhikhari Thakur

2. Bhagan ke Rekhan ki :Issaq : Malini Awasthi : Raghubir Yadav 

3. Bihar in Gang of Wassepur

Story of millions of Children on rural India is projected into the bhojpuri song of the Bollywood movie Gang of Wassepur. ‘Humni Ke Chhodi Ke’is the song which is explaining the situation of a child who is far away from his mother and asking from father that please call our mother as we are incomplete without her.

Trying to connect you from almost all the hottest news of Bihar and the reason behind this is to ensure the proper awareness of all of the citizen.
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