What’s Next in Gang of Wasseypur 3

 Sahid Khan – Dead, Sardar Khan – Dead, Faizal Khan – Dead 

What’s Next. This is what every lover of the film is asking with Anuraag Kashyap, writer & Director of Gang of Wasseypur.

So this is Next

The war now will be happening in between the Son of Faizal Khan and Definite. But this time, the war will not be in conventional manner. This time it will not happen face-to-face. But this time the drama will be of next level.


The time line of the movies is in the present, unlike first and second part and this is the reason why film makers are now going to project the power of technology as one.

Huma in Gang of Wasseupur

The other highlight will be the role of Moshina (Huma Qureshi), wife of Faizal Khan, who will be projected as a powerful women of 21st century.

Now, as we are seeing Bihar and Jharkhand Muslims and other lower castes are contributing significant role in Bihar Politics. The same will be the circumference of the film.

Gang of Wasseypur Dada

We all are eagerly waiting for the Next Big Film, Next Gang of Wasseypur which will have

 Gun, Pen, Power and Politic 

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