Top 5 Quotes, What the Judge Said in His Order Convicting Actor Salman Khan

Here are five quotes from the 240-page judgement:
  1. The defence of the accused that Defence Witness 1 (Ashok Singh) was driving is discarded from consideration. DW1 Ashok Singh is a got up witness who has come to help the accused on the instruction of Salim Khan, the father of the accused.
  2. It is pertinent to note that the accused did not take any positive steps by visiting hospital to see the injured and provide medical aid to them and to come on the spot again with police.
  3. If according to the accused he did not commit accident, then he could have convinced people that action will be taken against the driver.
  4. The accused did not wait for police on the spot, but left the spot. Instead of visiting police station, the accused went to his house and till 10:30 am he hided (sic) himself.
  5. If really the accused did not commit any wrong, he could have visited the police station immediately and lodged the information about the incident.


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