Top 8 Reasons Why Bihar Girls Are The Best!

Bihar girls have always been one of the perfect blends of everything, from education to culture, chhath puja to politics updates, profession to household responsibilities! She is gifted from the East of the India ‘Bihar’! You can spot stunning Huma Qureshi from movie ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’who is looking tough and bold Bihar girl! It’s exciting to know that why exactly Bihar girls are the best!

1. Bihar girls owes her all devotion to Teej and Chat Puja!

Bihar girls are perfect puja parthi ladki you will ever meet in your life! She is dharmik and have true beliefs in Teej and Chat Puja! Bihar girls believe that by worshiping lord Surya, her life will energize with all positive aspects!


No matter how educated she is, she will never stretch her back from the traditional values and customs. Even Bihar girls want that her belief should pass on to her kids strictly! She is educated, even her kids will be educated but traditional values will always have its own place in her life!

2. Bihari girls has awesome recipes of achaars!

Bihar girls can come up with hundreds of recipes of khattha-mitha or kacche aam ka achaar and many more! “Achaar ke bina khana pura nai hota humara”! She will always have a number of burnis of achaar at her home!


Don’t know how they fill up the packs of pickles, for years and years. From making of pickles to keeping them safe and secure, Bihar girls know the tricks to do keep the pickle preserved for years!

3. She is a wonderful master chef!

Bihar girls can cook yummy Bihari delicacies like litti chokha, dal-puri,  gujjiyas, khaja and  thekua! Visit her on Holi, she will serve you saliva dripping glass of bhang along with yummy malpuas and dahi-vadas that are out of this world!


Have you ever tasted litti chokha? This is the most famous dish of Bihar. So, this is the very obvious thing that, Bihar girls might be aware of the delicious recipe of litti chokha! The best thing is, she herself love this dish more than anything!

4. Bihar girls are always available with lots of jugaads!

She have lots of brains to sort out the things out! You just tell her the situation and she will drop a jugaad in your pocket! She is a ‘happy go lucky girl’! Bihar girls are the best jugaads. To get an instant solution to anything. Try to observe her, even when she will start her conversation in Bihari language, the other person will not be left with any option except ‘surrendering’!


5. She can be the resourceful friend!

Bihar girls has relatives in almost every field, be it IT, Government, Education, Sports, Politics! She is a real resource yet she is not at all arrogant about it! it is a known fact of India, that, India have so many officers and people involved in every field from Bihar. hopefully, Bihar girls might be the relative of someone from these! It’s a history of India, that, even during freedom fight, most of the freedom fighters were from the Bihar!


They are very good hearted humans. You can, of course, admire them for this.


6. She is stupendous with her language “Jiya Ho Bihar Ke Lala”!

She can use so many funny words and languages in Bihari language that you will laugh out louder and louder! She is best with the dialogues of ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’ and she can even mimic the dialogues- ” Telva kahan bhari sarkar, tanki to haiya nahi” or “ka hai? Muskura kahey rahe hain? Jo sochengey vahi karengey?”


7. She is a ‘chalta phirta media of politics’!

She will always be up to date about hot topics of politics always! She might have some political connections as well. You never know! It is a fact about India, that, east Bihar and U.P is the biggest source of politics in India and will always remain. She is not only up to date girl, she even knows politics.


It is the very obvious thing that, she might have some political connections for sure. When she can have relatives in every field, this is the next obvious thing that she too have some political connections! Keep her as a great helping hand for future, she can help you in million dollar ways.

8. Bihar girls believes in work hard philosophy!

Bihar girls are intelligent to understand her responsibilities towards her family and work! She will never step back from any work that needs her hard work and brains!



Source: Baggout


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