What should every Indian know about IIT.! Some selected answers from Quora

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IIT has nothing to do with IIN.

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Someone said that IITians fly abroad and hence waste Government’s money (what you pay as tax) and got 4ooo upvotes and still counting. But I think my friend really needs to think about his/her answer. (No hard feelings)
Here are a few things that most people don’t know :

  1. Most IIT graduates go abroad : False. Overall 63% of alumni and after 2001, 70% of alumni stay in India. Of those who go abroad, about 35% return to India. Thus, the accusations that most IITians go abroad is false.
  2. A small number graduate in their core field : False. 67% alumni pursue further education at some point in their life and out of those 61% pursue it in their core field.
  3. IITians going abroad are more successful : False. In PPP terms, of the total incremental revenue IITians are responsible for, 78% comes from IITians in India.
  4. IITs are a loss making investment for the government False. IIT alumni have helped generate 15-19 million jobs i.e. an average of 100 jobs created per IIT alumnus. (out of these 71% jobs were created in India). Also considering that IITians are associated with an incremental Revenue of $240 billion a year out of which 78% is in India and the best figures of the money spent by the government of India on IITs is less than $1 billion,we can safely say that IITians are returning more.

Source : You can find all the details in this report by IIT Kanpur

Every one rupee invested in an IIT has had an economic impact of Rs 15 and each IIT graduate meant 100 new jobs. Refer the following link.
IITians’ contribution to economy is Rs 20 lakh crore: Study – The Times of India

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That IITians are not the property of “Govt. of India” that they should stay in India after their graduation.

Yes, this is the truth. I am not an IITian, but it pains if you start stereotyping them as migrators, and that government spends your money to teach them. They pay their own fees alright, and they have worked hard enough to get into those college, they deserve a good salary and a good life, and they owe nothing to anyone except their hard work.

And where ever they go, what ever they do, they are always making Indiaproud!

I mean, seriously, they are IITians, can you really expect them to lag at whatever they are doing. Just think about it, IITians going to foreign land, and doing exceptional job there, India is a bombshell for the people who see them working.

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