What the Fish, Innovation at school level..!

Recently, I saw the making of first episode of “TVF Pitchers” and it led a worm in my brain to think why the ideas of creating opportunities have come so late to Indians. Why do the ideas that are pitched today in pubs and coffee shops couldn’t start earlier while you were in high school canteens grabbing samosas?

Let us ponder.

  1. Heavy bags- Separate notebooks for homework, classwork, assignments, class tests, friend’s borrowed notebook. Though HRD Ministry in Kapil Sibal’s time tried their best to reduce the load on primary school kids, curriculum textbooks are yet a derived version of mythological ones. Where is the space to carry my “Word Power Made Easy”?
  2. 8 periods- Seriously? Am I expected to absorb History, Science, Hindi, English, and Mathematics all in the same day? And the combination of consecutive period subjects are sometimes so weird that students can barely manage keeping their eyes open, let alone generating ideas or being innovative.
  3. Sports/ Art- The most basic extra-curricular activities carried on in school. Let’s face it, if you love sport you have to go through the social stigma of your sports teacher calling your father to persuade him to let you go for state level badminton 10 days prior to your final examinations. If you love art and somehow if you carry it on in school, you are sure to miss so many classes that the day after school vanishes in covering the backlogs.
  4. Peer Pressure- If you try being innovative, this is the biggest bug in your app.
  5. Tutors- Even before you had your lunch, your private tutor has rung the door bell and tea for him is ready before the food. You innovate and he will tell you to do it a certain way as this is the only way you fetch good marks.
  6. Love and infatuation- Then you start pitching ideas to walk out of your classroom to pass in front of hers’.

On a serious note, innovation is that seed, which, if watered properly reaps you big fruits well before time and makes you ahead of what you peers are yet to think of. A little observation power and a good company helps you steer through the swarm of honeybees without the stung and with honey on your stick. Ignore the chaotic frequency and walk out there, with your stick.

Sakshi Singh
Brought up in Rajasthan, my earliest memories of Bihar were a word from mouth from my parents mostly until now when my senses are in full-swing to give a voice to reality and consume everything that my birth-state had to offer.