Yes.! Anand Kumar and his Biography

He was born in Patna, Bihar. His father who was a clerk in postal department didn’t have enough funds to support private schooling for his children.

Anand studied in a Hindi medium government school. He developed a passion for mathematics and in graduation days wrote papers on Number Theory. He even secured admission in Cambridge University but due to insufficient funds and the death of his father couldn’t join.There was a time when he sold papads and took tuition to support his family.

Every weekend he would travel to Varanasi – six hours from Patna, stay there with his brother (who studied music there), to study foreign journals on Mathematics.

In 1992 he started his mathematics school for poor students. In 2002 he started coaching programme known as Super-30 for IIT- JEE. Since then every year he selects 30 economically backward students for coaching. His mother cooks for these students.

From 2003-2014, 308 out of 360 students made it to IIT. From 2008-2010 the result was 90/90.

Imagine these days when coaching institutes charge as high as Rs 1 lakh for coaching, Anand doesn’t take any fees for this. He has been approached by many for donations which he denies, and continues to fund his programme by conducting evening classes.

He has been covered in Discovery Channel, New York Times and has spoken about his experiences at IITs , IIMs and has been invited by Stanford, MIT, Harvard.

A European magazine, Focus, selected him as ” One of the global personalities who have ability to shape exceptional people”.
Time magazine included his ‘Super 30’ classes in the Best of Asia 2010.
Newsweek Magazine took note of the same and included his school in the list of four most innovative schools in the world.

An Album dedicated to him

Written By: Ramesh Prasad

Krishna Kumar
The state of Bihar has given a lot to the history of humanity but in recent past we had given child labour, women harresment, theft, murder and corruption. I am here to raise the voice.!