10 funny reasons why two wheeler rides are so popular in Bihar

Scooty, Scooter and bikes are three popular names in our Indian vocabulary. Each of us has a distinct memory of riding on these two entities. Be it our Uncle’s Chetak or Bhaiya’s Splendor or our very own Activas!

1. Apna four seater aa gaya!
2. We brave it out!
3. Only ricksaw wallas/circus wallas can do better stunts
4. 20 minutes to anywhere
5. Half the price to bribe a cop?
6. Expectation vs. Reality
7. Hating 4 wheelers and pedestrians alike
8. Footpaths? Exclusive for us!
9. Upgrade to car? No way, itni mileage thodi deti!
10. 100 CC ki hain toh kya problem, 180 pe hi chalana hain!



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