15 Authentic Bihari Vegetarian Recipes Which You Love To Eat

Bihar is well known for its lip smacking food and delicious sweets. The state falls between West Bengal in the East, Uttar Pradesh in the West and stands besides Nepal in the North and by Jharkhand in South.

Here is a listing of fifteen mouth watering dishes which need to be tasted before you die or learnt to so you can live life better.

Saatu Ka Sherbat
sattu ka sarbat
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This drink is known as Glucon D for Bihari’s. It is is made up of Sattu (roasted gram flour), water, lemon, jeera powder, and salt. It is one of the healthiest protein packed drinks which is a breakfast all in itself. Bihari’s drink it first thing in morning to boost their energy levels.

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Bel Ka Sherbat
bel ka sarbat

Bel (Wood apple) ka sherbat is another energy drink which orginates from Bihar. It is an easy to make drink which is most popular during summers as it keeps heatstroke, indigestion at bay. It is made by extracting the pulp of Bel and soaking it in water. It is then mashed and sieved, mixed with sugar and jeera powder. It’s then chilled and served.

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Thekua is a sweet snack made by Biharis. It is similar to Mathri’s. This is a must have sweet prepared during Chath Puja (an auspicious festival of six days celebrated after Diwali) in Bihar. It is prepared from wheat flour, jaggery or sugar, dried fruits (optional) mixed together moulded and then deep fried. This snack lasts for days and can be relished over a cup of tea.

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It is also a snack which is made of refined flour and salt molded in shape, deep fried, and then dipped in sugar syrup. It is caramalised in sugar syrup and cooled off before being served. Popularly made on festivals. A big favourite with kids. They can’t seem to get enough of it.

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Ole ki Chutney (Suran)
ole ki  chutni
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Chutney is a side dish which goes well with any snack and can be served instead of pickle with the main course. Ole ki chutney is prepared by steaming it and mashing it with flavor of garlic, green chillies, salt and lemon into it. It’s mostly prepared during winters to keep body warm and protect from cold.

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Daal Pitha
daal pitty
Image credit: Bihari Rasoi

Daal Pitha is a Bihari version of momos and dumplings. It is made up of rice flour with a stuffing of Bengal gram paste with masala in it. It’s shaped into a ball and it is then steamed and served with chutney or mango pickle. It’s healthy and is tasty and will leave you craving for more.

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Litti Chokha
litti choka
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Litti Chokha is the signature dish of Bihar. It is made with wheat flour which is stuffed with Sattu (roasted gram flour mixed with masalas) and is baked over in oven or on charcoal. In ancient times, people used to bake it on a metallic sieve and the authentic flavor of coal brought a distinctive taste to it. It can be fried in ghee to make it tastier though this step can be avoided for healthier reasons. Litties are served with Chokha (mashed boiled potatoes with spices mixed) giving the cuisine an authentic taste.

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Saatu Paratha
Sattu paratha
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One of the healthiest breakfast option which every Bihari household prepares. It is prepared with wheat flour rolled into rotis and is stuffed with a mixture of Sattu (roasted gram flour mixture) masala. It is served with mango pickle and curd.

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Bihari Khichdi

Another delicious and healthy food which every house in Bihar prepares during lunch time is Khichdi. Surely almost all traditions prepare Khichdi and Khadi, but they have a different way of eating it. This porridge prepared with a mix of rice and moong daal served with Khadi (which is made with curd and besan mixture boiled over with besan pakoras into it).

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Kala Chana Ghoogney
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Another protein packed recipe popular in Bihar is Kala Chana Ghoogney. It is a dry recipe which goes well with chapattis, rice and puffed rice(moori). It is eaten as an evening snack, too. To make this the chickpea( channa) is soaked overnight and then prepared with crushed onion, ginger and garlic, and tomato paste with spices to make it a complete lip smacking dish.

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This yummy dish came from Bhagalpur, a place in Bihar, stands to its name both royal in looks and taste. It’s dough is made of refined flour, mixed with curd, cardamoms, dried fruits, and is shaped in such a way, that it is thinner in the centre and thick at edges. It is then deep fried and dipped into sugar syrup and garnished with crushed pistachios. Ask your Bihari friend to carry a box for you from back home.

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This is yet another sweet dish whose origin is from the place whose name figures in Mahabharata. It’s a place names Silao where as the legend goes, King Jarasandh was killed by Bhim (one of the Panch Pandava) in wrestling. The name Khaja means eat it and yes we would love to play along. It is made of very thin layers of refined flour, caramalised in sugar syrup. It hardens when cooled, but will melt in your mouth once you have a bite. This sweet treat can be stored for many days and hence people gift it to friends and visitors. Silao in Rajgir is famous for this delicious sweet.

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Tilkut is the most popular sweet of Bihar and almost every household has it during winters. For preparing tilkut, seasame seeds are poured in thick sugar syrup and mixed till the mixture turns hard. The mixture is then shaped into a spherical shape and served. Gaya in Bihar is known as the place of origin of Tilkuts.

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Ramdana Ke Ladoo
ramdana ka lado
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These sweet flavoured round balls are made up of Lai ( Known as Raamdaana in Bihar). The Ramdana is  processed with Khoya (Mawa) and sugar and molded into shape. It is easy to digest, for even those who are aren’t well.

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A sweet dish made during festivals. The batter is made by mixing flour, semolina(sooji), fennel seeds(sauf), mashed bananas and dry fruits. It’s deep fried in such a way that it’s crispy on the sides and soft in the center. A must-have sweet dish from Bihar. We assure you, you can’t stop with one helping.

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