18 from a single, small village in Bihar crack IITJEE

Cracking IIT-JEE is a dream for lakhs of students every year. But finally very few make it to the hallowed institutes despite months of toiling and coaching from high-profile teachers. But in a Bihar village, students have made it almost a habit of clearing IIT entrance exam with elan.

Among the 26,000 candidates who cracked the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) entrance exam, 18 of them are from a village in South Bihar near Gaya. A girl is also included in the list of successful candidates, according to NDTV reports.

In Burkaron village, cracking IIT seems to be a tradition. Rahul Kumar in an interview said, “Every year at least 10 students from the village clear this exam.” With the rank of 980 in the exam this year, Rahul Kumar added, “The environment here is so good that everybody studies together, everyone helps each other out if there is any difficulty.”

With a power loom in every house in this village of 10,000, these children put in 3-10 hours of study daily to crack this exam, according to NDTV. Explaining the study environment, Rahul also said they find a quiet place and all those who aspire to crack IIT gather in a sort of study circle.

He also added that his uncle works in US and was one of them who had cracked IITJEE exam. According to reports, as the power loom industry is declining, villagers took education seriously and the villagers said that 15 years ago they decided to put in efforts to educate their children.

The children who aspire to crack IIT are helped by their seniors who have passed IITs previously. Even though there is an absence of good schools and coaching centres, the seniors provide the students with notes and study material.

Yugeshwar Prasad, father of one of the candidates said that the students who have cracked IIT previously help the current students to prepare for the exams. “There is an NGO as well,” he added.

Source: NDTV & DNA

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