5 most cherished experiences of life you will get on a train journey to Bihar

A train journey will give you the realisation of how freely one can gain the most cherished experiences of life. Over-hearing, eavesdropping or just by listening in the on-going chats can make you brighter. Train compartments are a place for people to do nothing but to share a great deal of thoughts, opinions on topics most of which are randomly started.

And if you are travelling to or from Bihar in a train, these are the 10 most common discussion topics which you are bound to be amused by:

1. Politics: The hottest discussion takes place on the political moves of the state and national politicians. Some of the phrases which I must mention here are:
“Aare Janatani, ee saala sab chor baran san, sab lute khatir gaadi par aawelan san”
“Nanhjaat aeja 15% baran san, dekhem abkir Laluwa aa Nitishwa ke chaal, garda ka dihan san, dehan san Padit ke ticket aa apna naam par nanhjaat ke lihan san vote”

train talk

 2. The very next discussion – Cricket: Regardless of the season or off-season of the sport, A Bihari being an Indian, is ever-ready to deliver critical and expert comments on Indian Cricket Team.
“Sachinwa ke gaila se team garbada gail ba”
“Jaha kono aacha khelataran san, pyar ke rog lag jata”

train 1

 3. Career Guidance: If you have queries related to your career, you don’t need to visit a Career Fair. Just take a ride in one of the trains going towards Bihar and get career counselled for free!

It is seen that people in Bihar, after their 40s are always ready to provide exclusive guidance to the youth.
“Beta engineering mat karo, dekh rahe ho saala sab nikama ghum raha hai sab”
“10 ghanta jarur padho, aa eske baad satui pina jaruri hai. Jindagi mein khali padhne se kuch hoga. Ram bharose ke kaha kucho bhail, jab tab kitabe mein ghusal rahan. Tani din duniya ke khabar rakha”


 4. Health issues: No worries… just tell your symptoms and get millions of ways to get out of it. The most common discussion under this is the problem of gastric.
“Aare jante hai ji, du din se bada pareshan kiya hai pet. Gas nikaliye nahi raha hai, parso uu sharmwa kiyaha bhoj tha buniya kha liye daba ke aa ab ruk ruk ke nikal rha hai gas.”
“Bhak maharaz, ee churnwa khayea, jhat se jhar jayega sab” Baba ji ka churan will come in great role here.

train Bihar

 5. Reminiscing the good old days from the district: In case you find yourself in a compartment with people from your own district you are sure to be bombarded by their memories:
“Aare baap re, Siwan se bara ka tu, hamu ta ohija ke hayi..”
“jante ho jab Indra ji ka sarkar tha, mat kaho itna saaf sutra sahar tha, ladki aankh utha ke nahi chlti thi sab aa aaj dekho half pant mein scooty par ghumatarisan”
“ee jamana kharab ho gail ba, kachahari par saar chai rahe ab khali cigratte ke dhua ba, aa gail ba kalyug”



A girl from the capital of Bihar, trying to understand the past underdevelopment of Bihar and exploring the ways to improve the status of the State