5 Must Have Bihari Non-Veg Dishes To Try Before You Die

The cuisine of Bihar is as diverse and awesome as the state of Bihar. Whatever, the menu of Bihar cuisine, it is rich in taste and good for health. As the dishes, originate from the prevailing culture, Bihar cuisine gives ample of opportunity to stay healthy and enjoy good taste.Bihari cuisine is predominantly vegetarian because traditional Bihar society, influenced by Buddhist and Hindu. However there is also a tradition of meat-eating, and fish dishes. There are also numerous Bihari meat dishes, with chicken and mutton being the most common. So here we have the 5 dishes which brings saliva in your mouth

1. Chaap-Litti: No one has any doubt in this world that litti chokha is the national food of Bihar but very few have tasted litti along with Chaap. Chaap-Litti is the disc where meat is deep fried over the tawa and then served with litti. Here you have a close-up look of the dish

Chaap litti

2. Bihari Chicken: The red hot spicy chicken is one of the signature dishes of Bihar which the famous one and people can find this in any of the non-veg restaurants of Bihar.

chicken curry spicy and tasty best bihari bhojpuri style

3. Mutton Chaap: The semi gravy dish is the dish which people prefer to eat on Holi with Pua. Here you have a look to this dish


4. Potaya Machli: The little fresh fishes from the pond is fried in little oil in the similar manner how we make aalu ka bhujiya. With paratha or with roti people enjoy this special dish of Bihar.


5. Sarso Masala Machli: The speciality of Bihar is this, the great sarso ka masala wala machli is unbeatable by any other dish.If so far you have not tried this then do not do any delay and make it now.



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