5 Reasons, why there is nothing like Bihari Folk Music

Folk-song (lok geet) is a very important form of folk literature. One of the categories of folk-songs is the ceremonial or sanskar songs.
1. With these folklore, women, who are suppressed by the patriarchal society, sing their pain in public. Not in one but in many of the Geet, you find women crying for betterment, begging from the freedom of the critical women harassment  processes.
“बाबा १२ बरिसवा के हम रही
बाबा ८० बरसवा के बर खोजला “
2. With the folklore, you can understand the history of our society. Just an example, the famous song of Hazaro Khwaise Aisi, Piya Gailan Kalkatwa, is the geet written by Bhikhari Thakur where he had written the case of a newly married girl, who’s husband went to Calcutta just after marriage for earning money.

Bihar Women
3. These songs form an essential part of rituals of various ceremonies relating to child- birth, initiation (yagyopavita or janeu) ,marriage and in some areas with rituals of death as well.
4. The historical ballads dealing with the heroic deeds of the freedom fighter Kunwar Singh have also been immortalized through folk songs in the plain tracts of Bihar.
5. There are some folk-tales and folk-songs where the impact of Hindu mythology is clearly seen. There are stories of Rama and Sita from the Ramayana.Fairs, festival and melas have also contributed a lot in preserving the folklore. Being great hubs of social life, these melas have kept up the traditions, stories, ballads and songs. When people attend the Ramnavami or the Janakpur Mela, they are all imbued with the immortal saga of Rama and Sita.
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