5 ways how ‘Sattu’ defines the taste of Bihar

If a person is moving out of Bihar to any other place, one compulsory thing he/she carries is non other than SATTU. Lets find out the reasons for it.

Sattu is a flour consisting of a mixture or only of ground pulses and cereals from India. The dry powder is prepared in various ways as a principal or secondary ingredient of dishes. Sattu is prepared by dry roasting grains. One method involves dry roasting Bengal Gram and making a fine powder of it. The authentic way of preparing it involves the use of an iron vessel; in which it is roasted with sand. The sand is sieved away after the dry roasting is done. The roasted Bengal Gram is then powdered to achieve Sattu.

Its use in daily life so versatile that it becomes compulsory to have this at least in summers. 5 fabulos uses of sattu is just shown below, enjoy it and from now never forget to have sattu in your daily diet.

1. Without this the best and the “national” dish of Bihar can’t be prepared. Sattu is a must in Litti-Chokha



2. Parathas of Sattu is now becoming popular in corners of the world and if you have not tried it then better grab one soon.sattu-paratha


3. The Ram-Ban cure of Loo in summer is drinking a glass of Sattu-Pani.

This has medicinal values and believe me this is one reason why farmers standing in the farming lands of Bihar seldom fall down in 45 degree heat of the summer.



4. How can you leave out the Kachoris made of Sattu?

I swear this is the tastiest oily dish I ever ate. Way to make the dish: A thin layer of sattu in puri converts puri to sattu ka kachori 🙂 Not a rocket Science!

kachori sattu


5. The oldest and the cheapest dish which you would have find out in the plates of farmers of Village is Sattu and Achar.

They add Achar(Pickles) to Sattu to enhance its taste and make it last long from spoiling in high temperatures of summer.It is an established “cuisine” of the villagers and in some cities of Bihar. I personally tasted the item and I can vouch for their taste 🙂


Krishna Kumar
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