6 reasons why Chhath is the true symbol of Bihar culture

1. Equality: The celebration of Chhath does not discriminate among people on the basis of caste or gender. It is the only festival in which mothers keep 36 hours long fast for their sons as well as daughters.


People from every sections of the society celebrate the joy of the festival together, regardless of their caste or economic status.

2. Harmony: Chhath is the festival of masses. People who have settled away from home come back to their family and relatives to celebrate the true fervour of Chhath. It is the festival of family gathering.


3. Cleanliness: Chhath promotes cleanliness. The entire city is cleaned thoroughly and decorated with lamps and diyas. The river banks are cleaned and ghats are made where the vratins assemble to give their offerings to the rising and setting sun.


4. Secularism: Chhath displays the true Indian culture. People of all religions participate in Chhath. Many muslims families are involved in the making of daura and aipan.


5. Respect to the setting sun: This depicts the true nature of Biharis, we respect the rising as well as the setting sun. This can be taken as a metaphor.


6. Humanity: The Prasad prepared in Chhath is distributed among the poor. On the Ghats poor ensemble who are offered with Prasad and even warm clothes by some families which assemble at the ghats to celebrate this holy festival.


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