7 Things You Expect When You Have a Bihari Roommate

Not to be regional or anything, but chances are that if you yourself don’t belong to this great state of Bihar, then you would find the following personality traits of your Bihari roommate highly amusing.

1. Collective pronoun addressal

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Biharis have their own way of speaking Hindi. While their polite ways of addressing every single person, animal, and object as “aap” might seem very reverential, it does add an element of confusion in conversations. Point in example. “Hum aa rahe hai”, where hum = 1 to infinity.

2. Armed with an Engineering Degree

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Chances are, your Bihari roommate is already an engineering graduate. Don’t alarmed if he is an ex-IIT or ex-NIT alumni – that state churns out IITians and NITians like a cow gives milk.

3. Potential IAS officer

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After completing his graduation in engineering, chances are that now your roommate is probably gearing up for all the government civil service examinations. IAS, IPS, or UPSC – he is liable to go into severe depression mode if he doesn’t make it through at least one of these three examinations. And then he is likely to keep trying until he does.

4. Litti Chokha

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First time your roommate makes litti chokha  for dinner, you’ll be thinking what a nice person he is to live with, to cook you food. Then after the next 364 days of having the same litti chokha for dinner every day, you start wondering about the point of life and existence in general. And basically running from the sight of them.

5. Their crazy chhatth pooja obsession

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Your roommate’s joy will know no bounds as the date for their favourite festival draws closer. Also the number of equally hopped up relatives in the house will be rising proportionally as the day creeps closer.

6. Their love for all things Ravi Kishan

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It’s likely that you wouldn’t even have heard about this Bhojpuri actor before your Bihari roommate. Its also extremely likely that you won’t hear about anything else after your Bihari roommate. Tread with caution though, criticisms of their beloved star will not be taken well.

7. Bhojpuri Movies and Music

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It will come as a surprise to you when you find out that your well-bred roommate, who sat and watched Tarantino and Scorsese classics with you, also garners an abnormal fondness for Bhojpuri movies, as well as their colourful music.
How many of the above do you relate to!?

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