75 years of Patna Women’s College

Patna Womens College was established in the year 1940, it is first college who provided the higher education in Bihar, it is founded by the Bishop B.J. Sullivan and Mother Josephine A.C. . It is a also a first women college in Patna who offers education to the women.



The College was granted the status of degree college in July 1941. The site for the College building was offered to the then Principal, Mother Theodosia by the Governor of Bihar Lord Rutherford in 1945.


The Governor was concerned that the College building should match in beauty the High Court opposite which this site was located. Hewas not disappo-inted. Father Gaerhart and Father Loesch saw an ‘architect’s dream’ for the new building of Patna Women’s College, a unique synthesis of Hindu, Islamic, Norman and Gothic styles. The College moved into the new building in July 1948.


Thousands of motivated and empowered women have passed through the portals of this college and have entered various fields of life, many making a mark in our country and abroad.

The College has come a long way from the time the pioneers envisioned and undertook the difficult task of establishing a Women’s College at a time when only a few truly enlightened and far-sighted persons were prepared to support this infant project in a place where higher education for women was frowned upon, if not rejected outright.

A girl from the capital of Bihar, trying to understand the past underdevelopment of Bihar and exploring the ways to improve the status of the State