Bihar: The Land of Knowledge – A Tribute to Aryabhatta

Bihar has nurtured knowledge for thousand of years. The works of many scientific thinkers like Aryabhata, Panini, Varahamihira, Bhaskara, Brahamagupta and Vashist Narayan Singh can be traced to the land of Bihar. Aryabhata (476-550 CE) was first in line of mathematician- astronomers from the classical age of Indian Mathematics and Indian Astronomy. His major work, Aryabhatiya- a compendium of Mathematics and Astronomy was of great influence on several neighboring cultures through transitions. Aryabhata asserted that moon, planets and asterisms shine by reflected sunlight. He also correctly explained the causes of eclipses of the sun and the moon.

This video is a sincere tribute from Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation to the great mathematician, scientist & astronomer Aryabhata and others who all have been the torchbearer of knowledge to rest of the world.



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