How Delhi’s first-ever Bihari restaurant Potbelly Rooftop Cafe is breaking all regional stereotypes

Bihari cuisine is not just about Litti Chokha. The rich ancient heritage of the place is infused in their cuisine, courtesy its authentic flavours, aromas of the spices and condiments – all put together to serve the most sumptuous fare that a food aficionado can ever dream of.

And Potbelly Rooftop Cafe, tucked away in the heart of south Delhi, imbibes the culture of Bihar, and promises to offer you the most authentic Bihari cuisine for you to savour.

The restaurant is one-of-its kind, since it is Delhi’s first ever Bihari restaurant. And introducing the Delhites to the Bihari cuisine wouldn’t have been possible without Puja Sahu and Vivita Relan, who despite knowing the Bihari stereotypes, decided to bring in the richness of Bihari food in Delhi and now everyone is just going gaga over this hot spot in Shahpur Jaat.

Potbelly Rooftop Caf is in Delhi’s fashion circuit’s favourite shopping spot Shahpur Jaat and the faade of Potbelly Rooftop Caf’s building is attached with a helical staircase which we rarely get to see these days. As you climb the eerie stairs you come across a beautiful milieu on the roof top and there is the co-owner Puja Sahu welcoming you with a pleasant smile. Brimming with positivity, she serves her every guest. Baggia Basket and Litti with mutton are drool-worthy and you just can’t afford to miss these two food items.

“These are my mother’s recipe and we have given Bihari names to all the food items to bring more authenticity. I started this restaurant five years back, before this I was into the designing business and had my own label, but after a while I got bored and wanted to try something different, so me and my partner Vivita came up with this idea,” says Puja Sahu ( Potbelly Rooftop Caf’s co-owner).

This place is a must-visit for all food lovers and it’s certainly a paradise for the natives of Bihar.

Krishna Kumar
The state of Bihar has given a lot to the history of humanity but in recent past we had given child labour, women harresment, theft, murder and corruption. I am here to raise the voice.!