Open Letter of a Bihari to Chetan Bhagat and Prakash Jha

Mr. Chetan Bhagat,
I grew up in Bihar and did my schooling in Patna. I shifted to the US for higher education and its been three years since I am here in the US. I have not had any issues conversing in English with people here and have managed pretty well with the lectures too.

open letter to Chetan Bhagat
Mr. Prakash Jha,
I have spend 18 years of my life in Bihar and have not been kidnapped neither do I plan on kidnapping anyone. I have had worse experiences in cities like Delhi and Mathura in terms of crime and can guarantee that people are way more aggressive there compared to the people in Bihar. I have never been eve-teased or disrespected in public.

open letter to prakash jha

Mr. Abhishek Chaubey,
I do use “Hum” when referring to myself but thats mostly when I am talking to my friends from Bihar. When I interact with my relatives or people from Delhi/ U.P. I have no issues adapting to their way of speaking Hindi. If you conversed with me in Hindi, you won’t most certainly be able to tell if I am from Bihar/ U.P/ Delhi. The same is the case with all my friends.

Bihar Jhanki

I respect your creative freedom but would appreciate if you respected my culture, my state and my people too(who happen to be your countrymen). There is a different side to Bihar that Bollywood has sadly ignored for years. We, Biharis value education, respect women, work hard and appreciate anyone and everyone who is willing to work towards a brighter future. I request you to give us the same respect. Use your creativity for once to not stereotype but show the people of India that Bihar is not just about the crime and the poverty. Biharis are not criminals, they are educated, compassionate and diligent people trying to make a mark. Help us reach our goals instead of stereotyping every Bihari. Show the stories of parents who sell their houses to educate their kids or children who study for 12 hours a day to get into IITs.

Written By: Geetika Singh

A girl from the capital of Bihar, trying to understand the past underdevelopment of Bihar and exploring the ways to improve the status of the State