Shweta Tiwari: Bhojpuri cinema has no respect for women

Be it her professional life or personal, Shweta Tiwari has been a winner all along. Happily married to Abhinav Kohli after her divorce with Raja, Shweta feels it’s time she makes up for the lost moments and enjoy life with her daughter, who’s now in her teens. Read her interview taken by Manmohan of TOI.

Recently in Ranchi for a professional engagement, Shweta took some time out to talk about her upcoming TV show, what’s keeping her away from Bhojpuri movies and more. Excerpts:

It has been almost two years since you married Abhinav. How’s life?

Life has been a bliss! I never felt so happy and relaxed in my life. We are enjoying this phase.

Why have you suddenly stopped working in Bhojpuri cinema?

I’m sad but what I felt while working in Bhojpuri films is that majority of filmmakers there consider women either as a prop or a showpiece. They are least interested in coming up with a strong storyline with good characters for actresses. They just want to sell their movies banking on vulgar dialogues and tacky item songs. I think it’s high time Bhojpuri filmmakers start respecting women and come up with meaningful roles.

But then, your upcoming serial has you playing the role of a dancer again.

My character in Begusarai is not vulgar at all. The serial is based on a district in Bihar wherenachaniya (a song and dance form) is so common. In fact, my role is quite meaty. The character I play is that of a very strong woman. Bindiya – as my character is called – is very manipulative and all the twists in the plot are planned by her. Pulling off this role was very tough and I don’t think anyone has played such a strong character in Indian TV industry.

What do you have to say about the recently concluded season of Bigg Boss?

I haven’t followed the show regularly but what I feel, since I have lived in the house is that the show has equal number of happier moments as the bad ones. However, I think the makers changed the strategy for whatever reasons and showed only fights, which was not really something I liked.

Is your daughter also interested in taking up acting as a career?

I don’t want to sound like an overprotective mom but I think she should concentrate on her studies at the moment. By the time she’ll be done, she’ll be smart enough to choose whatever career she wishes for.

A lot many actors have started taking strong stand in politics, with many contesting elections as well. Are you interested in joining politics?

I hate politics. I earn more than enough to fend for myself and my family. I’m not like other actors, who once out of the industry, join some political party to cash in their popularity.I’ll not join politics even if I’m made to sit at home.

Have you been to Ranchi before?

This is the first time I have been to Ranchi. The public is really very energetic and supportive here. Though I don’t have much time to go sightseeing this time, I’ll make sure I visit the city again some in future.

Source: Times of India