The top 5 highest paid Bhojpuri Actress

The first Bhojpuri talkie film, Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo was released in 1961 by Vishwanath Shahabadi. The 80’s showered the Bhojpuri people with many notable as well as run of the mill film like Bitia Bhail Sayan, Chandwa ke take Chakor, Hamar Bhauji, Ganga Kinare Mora Gaon and Sampoorna Tirth Yatra. The Bhojpuri cinema has grown in recent years. Bhojpuri movies works across various parts of Europe and Asia where second and third generation migrants still speak the language; and has one of the biggest concentrations of Bhojpuri-speaking people in its Surinamese minority.

Let’s check out who are actress who are getting great deal for acting in Bhojpuri Cinema.

1. Monalisa: She is the bold girl of Bhojpuri films and considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry. Her bold scenes have been known to drive audiences wild. Monalisa may charge less as compared to others in the industry but this is no indication of her popularity. She demands between 4-6 lakhs for every movie.


2. Pakhi Hegde: This Kannada actress is one of the hottest and most sought after stars in Bhojpuri films today. She charges no less than 10 lakhs for every project as per sources.Pakhi started her career in the South but now dominates this industry. Her films opposite Nirahuwa have all been blockbusters earning huge profits at the hustings.

Pankhi Hegde, actress from Bhojpuri Cinema
Pankhi Hegde, actress from Bhojpuri Cinema

3. Rinku Ghosh: The actress who betrayed Ajay Devgn in ‘Himmatwala’ has a following that is steadily increasing. This Bhojpuri star charges no less than 4-7 lakhs for every film.

Rinku Ghosh

4. Anjana Singh: She’s known as the ‘hot cake’ of Bhojpuri films.Insiders say that her fees are much less than the other 4 being not more than 6 lakhs but she has so many projects in her kitty that she leaves the other top grossers far behind in terms of earnings.

Bhojpuri Actress Anjana Singh
Bhojpuri Actress Anjana Singh

5. Rani Chatterjee: She is said to be the queen of Bhojpuri industry. Rani started her career with ‘Sasura Bada Paisawala’ which earned a whopping 16-17 crores in the box-office. Since then Rani has reigned. She is paid around 10 lakhs for every movie. One can only imagine what her income amounts to when one considers that a single film takes just a month to complete.

Rani chatterjee


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