Top 14 Largest Cities In Bihar

The largest city in Bihar is Patna. The population of Patna is more than 2.4 million. Other large cities of Bihar have population less than 1 million. In fact only Patna fulfills the criterias for being called a city. Other cities are merely towns.
The list of largest cities in Bihar is given below:
Largest Cities in Bihar
City District Population City District Population
1 Patna Patna 2,405,421 8 Arrah Bhojpur 261,099
2 Gaya Gaya 463,454 9 Munger Munger 188,050
3 Bhagalpur Bhagalpur 398,138 10 Chhapra Saran 179,190
4 Muzaffarpur Muzaffarpur 351,838 11 Katihar Katihar 175,199
5 Biharsarif Nalanda 296,889 12 Danapur Patna 131,176
6 Darbhanga Darbhanga 294,116 13 Sasaram Rohtas 141,176
7 Purnia Purnia 280,547 14 Dehri Rohtas 119,007
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